Comb Your Hair Correctly

Comb Your Hair Correctly


Hair Correctly

Combing hair is one of the indispensable daily trims for keeping hair. Combing the hair can remove floating skin and dirt on the hair, can also stimulate the scalp, promote blood circulation to the head, prevent the hair from being white, yellow, and detailed due to malnutrition, making the hair soft and shiny; at the same time combing the hair can also Eliminate head swelling and numbness caused by excessive brain use.

When combing the hair, pay attention to cleaning the comb. The comb just allows the dirt on the hair to be transferred. If you insert the comb teeth into the nylon stockings and comb more than ten times, you will find that the dirt is adsorbed on the nylon wire, so that it can be combed. Remove dirt and protect the comb.

Use clean water and a soft brush to clean it. After washing, wipe it gently with a towel and dry it naturally in a cool place. If you find that the comb teeth are not straight, you should replace them.






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