Hair Tools

Your perfect hair tool is at Plucharm. Hair game with our premium selection of professional-grade hair tools. From precision styling irons to top-of-the-line brushes and accessories, we offer the tools you need to achieve your dream hairstyle. Choose from professional-quality hair dryers, flat irons, hair straighteners, curling irons, and wands for all your needs.

Apply Hair Extensions Machine

At PLUCHARM, we are committed to making applying hair extensions seamless and efficient. Our state-of-the-art Apply Hair Extensions Machine is a testament to our dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction.
Precision and Ease of Use: Our Apply Hair Extensions Machine is designed with precision and ease of use. Whether you’re a professional stylist or applying extensions at home, our machine ensures a flawless result every time. Its intuitive controls and ergonomic design simplify the application process, reducing the time and effort required.
Versatility: Every customer and their hair extension needs are unique. Our machine is compatible with various hair extension types, including pre-bonded, tape, flip-in, and more. It offers the versatility to accommodate different styles and preferences, allowing you to express your beauty.
Quality Assurance: At PLUCHARM, quality is paramount. Our Apply Hair Extensions Machine is built to last, using durable materials and craftsmanship. We stand behind the durability and performance of our machines, ensuring you get the most out of your investment.
Experience:  The future of hair extension application with PLUCHARM’s Apply Hair Extensions Machine. It’s the tool you can trust for flawless, professional results, empowering you to effortlessly embrace your most beautiful self.

Apply Hair style Extensions Machine
Plucharm Hair Style Brush

Hair-Style Brush

The PLUCHARM Hairstyle Brush is your ultimate companion for achieving salon-quality hair styling from home comfort. With precision and innovation, this brush caters to your unique hair needs.
Effortless Styling: Our Hairstyle Brush features specially designed bristles that glide smoothly through your hair, detangling knots and reducing breakage. Whether you want sleek, straight hair or voluminous curls, this versatile brush is your secret weapon for effortless styling.
Gentle on Your Hair: We understand the importance of hair health. Our hairstyle brush is gentle on your strands, minimizing damage and promoting shine. It’s suitable for all hair types, including straight, wavy, curly, and coily.
Enhance Your Everyday Look: With the PLUCHARM Hairstyle Brush, you can elevate your everyday look without spending hours in front of the mirror. Achieve salon-worthy results in minutes and step out confidently, knowing your hair looks and feels fantastic.
Upgrade your hair styling routine with the PLUCHARM Hairstyle Brush and experience the difference. It’s time to unlock your hair’s full potential and embrace stunning, effortlessly styled locks.

Crochet Hook for Extensions

The perfect crochet hook for your micro loop, ring, or bead hair extensions? Look no further! Our Crochet Hook for Micro Loop / Ring / Bead Hair Extensions is specially designed to make your hair extension process

Light and durable: The wooden handle and steel needle combination makes our crochet hook lightweight for easy maneuverability and ensures it can withstand regular use without losing functionality.
Effortless Application: Our crochet hook is designed for effortless and precise hair extension installation. Its fine tip ensures a secure grip on individual strands, allowing for a seamless blending of extensions with your natural hair.

Micro Ring Hair Extensions

Our Micro Ring Hair Extensions are designed to be discreet and gentle on your natural hair. Strands loop micro-loop hair extensions into your hair and, once in place, last up to 12 weeks with proper maintenance. Micro rings, also known as micro loops, are an innovative way to add length to your hair permanently.

Our micro-ring hair extensions are top-notch hairstyling supplies. Each strand contains tiny, delicate metal rings at the end, making for an extremely hassle-free and sensitive fastening. Heat, glue, or other abrasive methods won’t harm your hair.
Mini micro-ring hair extensions: Mini micro-ring hair extensions are a smaller version of the classic micro-ring attachment. They are tiny metal loops woven through the extension and the natural hair before being clamped shut to keep them in place.
Silica micro rings: These silicone micro rings are used by hairstylists to connect fusion hair extensions to the client’s natural hair. These beads have an inside silicon coating and are constructed of aluminum.

Our Stock Micro Rings
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