How to maintain straight hair

How to maintain straight hair


Straight Hair

Straight hair is popular nowadays, and it is a dream of many girls to have straight hair fluttering in the wind. But why can’t straight hair always be smooth, and no more hair accessories? This is because the hair itself has been damaged and is unhealthy. To make the hair look good, internal care is very important. Take a look at several situations summarized by experts, which one do you belong to? Start taking care of your hair care according to your situation.

If the hair is dull dull, especially oily hair, the hair will lose its luster shortly after washing, and it will no longer be soft and bright. Then you should choose a shampoo for oily hair, which can inhibit excessive oil secretion.

If your hair often dries up statically, becomes brittle, and is easily broken, you can’t use hair dryers excessively or improperly dye your hair. These conditions will cause your hair to deteriorate. Then you should use moisturizing and heat-protecting hair care products before blowing to prevent the heat of the hair dryer from destroying the moisture balance of the hair, and do not blow too long; choose a targeted shampoo after dyeing or ironing. The special ingredients inside can be the chemical substances (alkaline molecules and oxidized molecules) remaining in the hair; insist on separate washing and care, and do not use conditioner instead of oil.

If your hair is rough and knotted, it is not easy to comb and it is easy to split. This is because the epidermis of the hair scales is excessively spread, the internal protein fibers are damaged and the hair loses its elasticity and the friction between the hairs increases. Then you should be gentle when combing your hair, cut off the split ends

Hair tips; often do oil treatment; also use appropriate hair care products when blowing or combing, for example, moisturizing spray repair lotion, hair lotion, etc.

If the scalp is itchy and dandruff, it is the result of the natural balance of the scalp being damaged by the following factors: sun exposure and environmental pollution, emotional tension, insufficient rest, food imbalance; too many shampoos, dry scalp; washing Hair solution is not suitable, alkaline is too strong and not soft or dandruff caused by fungi. If this is the case, excessive dandruff caused by fungi requires persistent use of anti-dandruff shampoo (containing ELPT to effectively remove dandruff); pay attention to balanced nutrition, combine work and rest, keep the scalp clean, and choose natural shampoo products.




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