What is the length and MOQ Of Plucharm Hair?

What is the length and MOQ Of Plucharm Hair


Plucharm is a comprehensive company that provides high-end hair extensions. Plucharm hair can be sized from 12 inches to 30 inches.

We learned from our clients that 12-inch-14-inch hair extensions are generally used for teaching or replacing hair at both ends of the sideburns, and part of it is to help customers create bobo hairstyles. Because the relative audience is few and demands are not so much.

For hair extensions over 24 inches, because the donor has a long growth time during the raw material collection process, it is difficult to care for it. Such hair is not as good as the top hair quality, so seldom do customers choose it.

And for the most popular size of 16inch-24inch hair extensions, we provide more semi-finished products in reserve to meet customers’ needs for fast delivery.

Certainly, there are also some customers who only choose longer hair. These customers are so different. We will not share this in depth. In short, 12-inch-30-inch hair, Plucharm can accept mass customization.

Plucharm hair is a specialist for hair salons and professional hairdressers.

For customers who choose the Plucharm color ring, we have no MOQ limit. If you have a special color customization, or do production according to your color board, because a small amount of production will cause a lot of hair loss and will increase labor costs, our minimum order quantity is 1kg for each color and each size to balance the increasing cost.

We hope that you will choose the Plucharm color ring. We have a professional R&D department and a marketing department. We will add more Plucharm colors in the future according to customer preferences, and use professional production to let more customers get their favorite colors.



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