Hair Weft Extensions

Hair wefts, also known as hair weaves, are a popular choice for adding length and volume to natural hair. At Plucharm, we offer a range of high quality hair weft products made from both natural human hair and synthetic fibers. Our hair wefts come in a variety of lengths, colors, and textures to suit your preferences and needs.

Our human hair wefts are made from 100% natural hair and can be styled and treated just like your own hair. They offer a natural, seamless blend and are perfect for those who want a more realistic look. 

Hair Weft Extensions Manufacturer in China

At PLUCHARM, the epicentre of hair weft excellence in China. As the vanguard of hair weft manufacturing, we blend centuries-old Chinese craftsmanship with innovative techniques. Our weft extensions are a testament to meticulous design and authentic sourcing.

Offering your consumers the best Remy human hair extensions will delight them and grow your business. Our semi-permanent and permanent hair treatments allow you to experiment with various textures, colours, and procedures.

Each weft is woven with precision from 100% premium remy human hair, reflecting an unmatched calibre in texture and longevity. Our commitment transcends mere production, as we ensure every strand emanates from ethical and sustainable sources.

Bridging traditional values with contemporary aesthetics, PLUCHARM’s hair wefts offer a luxurious touch, unparalleled density, and ease of application. Whether you’re a salon professional or an individual seeking transformation, our wefts promise a versatile, natural integration.

Plucharm Hair Weft Extensions Manufacturer in China

Hair Weft Extensions Product Series

Plucharm Wave Machine Hair Weft

Wave Machine Hair Weft

Our Wave Machine Weft is the perfect way to add texture and movement to your hair. Made with high-quality materials, these wefts are comfortable to wear and blend seamlessly with your natural hair. Create beautiful, beachy waves with our Wave Machine Weft hair extensions

Plucharm Straight Machine Weft

Straight Machine Weft

Our Straight Machine Weft hair extensions are made with 100% human hair and offer a seamless, natural look. These extensions can be easily styled and maintained, making them the perfect choice for enhancing your natural hair. With our Straight Machine Weft extensions.

Plucharm Hand Tied Weft Extensions

Hand Tied Weft Extensions

Innovation with PLUCHARM's Micro Beads Weft Hair Extensions. Our intricately woven strands are securely anchored with discrete microbeads, ensuring a smooth, natural flow. Unmatched longevity, flexibility, and a seamless blend are indistinguishable from your natural hair.

Plucharm Micro Beads Weft Hair Extensions

Micro Beads Weft Hair Extensions

PLUCHARM's revolutionary Micro Beads Weft Hair Extensions. Infusing modern technology with artisanal craftsmanship, these extensions offer a secure grip without adhesives. Designed for longevity and subtlety, they elevate your hair's volume and length, granting a natural finesse.

Plucharm Human Hair Weft Extensions

Human Hair Weft Extensions

PLUCHARM's Human Hair Weft Extensions. Expertly crafted from 100% genuine human hair, our wefts offer a natural luster and texture unparalleled by synthetic alternatives. Experience a seamless blend, versatile styling, and the soft touch of genuine hair. They stand for quality, offering unmatched versatility in styling

Plucharm Virgin Hand Tied Weft Hair Extensions

Virgin Hand Tied Weft Hair Extensions

The pinnacle of hair craftsmanship with PLUCHARM’s Virgin Hand-Tied Weft Extensions. Sourced from untouched, pristine hair, each strand is meticulously hand-tied, ensuring a flat, discreet, and comfortable fit. Revel in the natural flow, and luxurious feel only virgin hair can offer.

Hair Weft Extensions Feature and Application

PLUCHARM’s Hair Weft Extensions an embodiment of tradition harmoniously blended with modern techniques. Each weft represents a tapestry of premium strands, intricately woven to ensure thickness, uniformity, and durability.

Hand-tied Wefts lightweight veils are hand-knotted with fine thread and designed to lay close to the scalp for maximum comfort and wearability. Stack wefts for volume, blend different shades to add dimension, or even create a custom colour for your Guest. Hand-tied wefts give you the ultimate flexibility to showcase your artistry.

Plucharm Hair Weft Extensions Feature and Application
Plucharm Hair Weft Extensions Benefits

Hair Weft Extensions Benefits

Weft hair extensions have many benefits over conventional techniques like beads and tapes.
Weft hair extensions also have the advantage of not requiring heat. Traditional methods for installing hair extensions frequently include heated tools, which can weaken and make your natural hair more fragile.

Why Choose to Use Hair Weft Extensions?

Why Choose to Use Hair Weft Extensions

Asked Questions

Hair weft extensions are long sections of hair that are sewn onto a weft. They can be applied using various methods such as sew-in, glue-in, or with clips.

With proper care and depending on the application method, our hair weft extensions can last anywhere from 6 months to a year or even longer.

Absolutely! Since PLUCHARM extensions are made from 100% human hair, they can be colored, cut, and styled just like your natural hair.

With proper care, PLUCHARM’s Nano Hair Extensions can last between 3 to 6 months.

When professionally installed and blended, the wefts are virtually invisible, seamlessly integrating with your natural hair.

Use sulfate-free hair products, minimize heat styling, and avoid sleeping with wet extensions to ensure longevity.

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