Chemical Properties Of Hair

Chemical Properties Of Hair


Hair health and pH levels are closely related. The pH of your hair plays a crucial role in maintaining its strength, shine, and elasticity. The ideal pH range for healthy hair is between 4.5 and 5.5, which is considered to be slightly acidic.

Chemical properties

1. The main component of hair is keratin, which accounts for about 97%. Keratin is made up of amino acids.

2. The hair characteristics of Orientals are thick black and heavy. Because of the large carbon and hydrogen particles, the color is dark. The characteristics of Western hair are soft and soft because it contains fewer hydrocarbons, so the color is lighter.

3. The keratin protein constituting the hair epidermis is composed of 20 amino acids arranged vertically.

4. Hair structure: Each hair consists of epidermal scales, cortex, and medulla. The epidermal scale layer is the outermost layer of hair and usually consists of 2 to 4 layers of scales. The epidermal layer is usually translucent or colorless, so it allows natural hair color to show through; the cortical layer accounts for 80% of the hair, where natural pigment is deposited, and the natural hair color is due to it; the medulla layer is located on the head Is composed of many small bubbles.





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