Hair Care And Maintenance

Hair Care


The basic maintenance procedure for black hair is very simple, as long as you follow the hair maintenance methods shown below, you can slowly adjust the hair condition back.

1. Comb the hair correctly Before washing your hair, it is best to spend some time combing the hair first, and then untie the knotted part. The motive for combing the hair is to use the dirt on the scalp and the dirt on the hair Comb down first.

2. Correct shampoo and hair care. Shampoo can give injured hair nutrients and restore the vitality of the hair from the inside out. Therefore, the health of your hair depends on the number and type of hair care you use. Basically, I wash my hair and then condition it. Therefore, if you want dark hair, you should pay attention to the method and frequency of hair care.

When washing your hair, pay attention to it, you must take care of the scalp and hair root because these two places are related to your hair health! By pressing the fingers against the scalp, it can increase the health of the scalp, blood circulation, and of course, the health of the hair. Then the hair ends must be carefully washed to make the hair ends absorb nutrients.

3. Care after washing: after washing the hair, wipe the wet hair with a towel first, and then pay attention to it. Don’t immediately pick up the hair dryer and blow the entire hairstyle. Be sure to use a towel to squeeze the water out with light pressure before you can blow dry with a hair dryer.

4. Precautions for hair styling the random use of a hair dryer to blow the hair, it will make the hair messier, so it is best to comb the hair before blowing, so as to avoid knotting of the hair and making the hair process of blowing I was injured.

Try to shorten the use time when blowing, and the distance from the hair dryer is best to be taken away, about 17cm, because the hair dryer is one of the reasons for damage to the hair.

5. For the care of severe hair quality If your hair is seriously damaged due to random perm and hair dyeing, then you apply a hair conditioner to prevent split ends or to replenish moisture and oil to strengthen the hair’s Health.

6. The frequency of shampooing should also be controlled properly, two or three times a week is more appropriate, also according to personal habits.

Having healthy and smooth hair is the foundation of hairdressing, and self-confidence is born from it.





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