Hair Cleaning Matters

Hair Cleaning Matters


The purpose of shampooing is to wash away the dirt on the scalp and hair so that the scalp can breathe well. Therefore, to protect the hair, it is necessary to wash and massage frequently to keep the hair clean. Use the action of the comb to comb it away. When shampooing, first soak your hair with water, then use shampoo. In the beginning, pour the shampoo on your hair, and then rub it with your fingers like a massage. It is used to clean the epidermis layer of the scalp because the hair is easily stained by sebum and sweat on the scalp, so it should be carefully washed. For the second time, wash with half of the amount of the first shampoo. After washing, rinse with water repeatedly until there is no shampoo on the hair.

Try to dry your hair with a dry towel after the head, dry it naturally, and use a hair dryer rarely; if you must use it, the hot mouth of the hair dryer should not be too close to the hair. Then put the hair up little by little and use a hair dryer to dry it only halfway to make various hairstyles according to personal preference.

If your hair is seriously damaged due to messy ironing and dyeing, it is recommended that you apply a hair conditioner to prevent split ends or a hair conditioner that can add moisture and oil to strengthen the health of the hair.






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