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If you have fine curly hair

This kind of curly hair has a lot of elasticity. Generally, you don’t need to set up products with strong styling strength. You only need to sort them out with your fingers after washing your hair and apply the weak styling products that increase the gloss of the hair when the hair is semi-dry Invisible hair mask, brightener, hair oil, care solution, elastin, etc.

Recommend: Casserole Luminous Rolling Conditioner: Provide ultra-bright protective film for each hair fiber, keep hair fiber light and easy to be absorbed by the hair.

If you have big wavy curls

Both large wavy curls and medium curls require strong setting power to maintain its styling curvature. If you use the wrong product, it may not take a long time to flatten the styling, so it is recommended to use the product with the strongest setting power.


Qilixiang Elastic Curly Invisible Carving: Use on wet hair, use your fingers to comb the hair like a comb, and then use your fingers to divide the hair into a small group, and then twist it like this to create a more attractive bending effect. Stereotypes: strong.

Sassoon elastic curly gel cream: suitable for thicker and harder hair with more hair volume, or used to create layered curly hair styling, also suitable for local key styling. Stereotype: extremely strong.

Sassoon elastic curly gel water: This product is selected for dry hair, which can add a moisturizing feeling to the hair, or used for setting after physical curling because the spraying method is not easy to change the hairstyle and create a sense of space. When wet hair, spray an appropriate amount directly on the head, or spray it on the hand, and then grab it with your hand for styling.





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