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Curly hair styling

Basically, after your hair is over the shoulder, it is difficult to achieve a rich layered feeling through haircut, thick and dull. So how do you achieve a rich sense of level by tying hair or curly hair, and how do long curly hair look good and cool enough to stand out?

In fact, we can also create different levels of hairstyles through the degree of wet and dry hair. The hair is gently pressed into a slightly curled state by a curling stick. Even if there is no curling stick, it can also be fixed by a sponge curl or curling tool before bedtime. For good hair, the next day you get up, you will have the curl you want. Use a flash spray with a moisturizing effect to create a wet hair effect on the outer layer of the hair. Then tie the hair into a low ponytail, divide a few strands of hair into small strands, tighten and then break up, and spray with a styling spray. In the middle of the ear, start to attach a hairpin that is similar to the hair color.

To have a delicate side curly hair, first of all, if you are a natural curl, you can use elastin to enhance the curl and moisturization of the hair, and then sweep the hair to the side, do not use a comb to manage it. Gently grab it by hand and tie all the broken hair above the neck into a corolla shape, which will make this look very natural and romantic. The mid-length long curly hair is tied on one side, embellished with delicate floral ornaments, and the other side is behind the ears. It is fresh and natural, and the delicate makeup and accessories are elegant and charming. Irregular curls and high-quality hair are very vigorous, and hair dyed in warm colors is low-key and elegant, with a gorgeous fashion sense.

Comb the thick bangs to the sides, and burn out a large wavy curl to manage the layered mid-length long curly hair, revealing a beautiful forehead, and the dark brown hair color makes the skin look fairer and more attractive. At the same time, it also fully demonstrated the graceful intellectual beauty of women.

How to make curls: Two fingers sandwich the hair curls that need to be strengthened, wrap the hair around the fingers, tighten and hold for a few seconds, then let go.

How to do the inner curl: Hold one side of the hair bundle with palms and fingers, wipe from top to bottom, and hold the hair in the palm of the hand when the hair is about 1/3 away from the tail.

How to do fluffy: Insert the fingers of both hands into the roots of the hair on both sides of the hair, hold the hair root and gently pull up and hold for a few seconds, and repeat it several times to make the overall fluffy.

Di Cai bubble elastin shaped, dreamy sweet, elegant and fluffy, Q fluffy hair volume.





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