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Hairstyle selection

1. What kind of curly hair you choose should first consider your face shape, and avoid weaknesses. People with square, round, and pear-shaped (narrow forehead) face shapes are not suitable for large wavy curls, which will appear procrastination and lack of energy; melon seed face (wide forehead, pointed chin) is suitable for “Ω” hairstyle; diamond-shaped face (narrow Forehead and high cheekbones) are also suitable for “Ω-shaped” hairstyles, but also pay attention to fluffy and rounded top hair; square face should thin the top hair, curly hair should cover the sides of the face properly; oval face, that is Commonly known as the “goose egg face” is the most beautiful standard face recognized by the Chinese, and any kind of curly hair is suitable.

2. Hair style and body shape also have a great relationship. For petite women, hair styles with small curls are more suitable, and long hair should not be kept.

3. Different hair quality directly affects the effect of curly hair. According to characteristics, hair can be divided into rigid hair (elastic and healthy hair), dry hair (lack of oiliness), cotton hair (fine, soft, oily hair), sofa (broken and not straight), curly hair (commonly known as self-rolling) ), Of which just hair is most suitable for perm curls, dry hair and sofas are not suitable for perm waves, and curls can be straightened “wrong”.

4. The nature of work and temperament is also one of factors that should be considered when choosing a hairstyle. White-collar workers in the office are most suitable for medium-length, partially curly hairstyles. They are both suitable for work and convenient for changing hairstyles after work.

5. Color is also an important element of hairdressing. If you can skillfully add various colors to the curly hair, you can make the hairstyle more prominent. However, the choice of which color to dye depends on the individual’s skin color. The red and yellow dyes with a rosy complexion are more suitable; those with a colder face should choose the purple dye. Generally speaking, Chinese people dyeing purple hair will not be the wrong choice.





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