How To Apply Plucharm Hand Tied Hair Extensions?

Hand Tied Hair Extensions


Apply Plucharm Hand Tied Hair Extensions

Hand-tied extensions. In most cases, a hairstylist will construct a silicone bead foundation on the client’s natural hair before implantation.

The weft will then be attached to the beaded foundation by the stylist. Attaching the weft in a secure manner.

Typically each weft should not be cut or it may unravel, to adjust the size the weft may be folded or overlapped with more than one weft per row depending on the individual client’s hair.

The popular “Beaded Row” application method is achieved by applying 1-3 rows of silicone micro rings (micro beads are the same as micro rings) to a client’s hair. Micro rings are placed about 1” apart in a type of horseshoe shape from temple to temple. Keep at least 1 ½ ” away from hair line. Most rows contain 3-4 wefts sewn together.



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