How to care for curly hair

How to care for curly hair


After straightening and dyeing, the hair is seriously damaged, so use a repair expert, once or twice a week. After a short period of time, the damaged hair can be repaired slowly to make the hair shinier. , More flexible.

1. Use an electric hair curler to curl the outermost hair, then use your fingers or a wide tooth comb to clean the hair, then spray some styling mousse. Spray the hair until it is dry, and spray some thin hairspray or styling mousse directly on the comb, and then use it to clean up the disobedient hair. If the hair curls become inconspicuous, use a sprayer or watering can to wet the hair. Use a hair dryer to blow the hair to the point of eighth dryness, then use your fingers to dip a little styling liquid to split the hair, then remove each one Apply evenly to the end of the hair, and turn the hair around your fingers to form a curl, and then arrange it to the original curl. Apply a little baby oil to the end of the hair and then blow dry, it will make the hair moist and moist without sticking to clumps. Fine-toothed combs will loosen the curl. Use wide-toothed combs or special combs for curls. If time is limited, you can use your hands to organize your curls.

2. Increase the number of cleansing oily curls. If you have oily hair, it is easy to cling to the scalp after curling, making the originally fluffy hairstyle look awkward. If you want to make your curls fluffy and dynamic, the easiest way is to increase the number of shampoos, which can effectively relieve oily hair and keep the hair fresh and fluffy.

3. Hollow curls for elastic curling DIY at any time This is a curling method that does not harm the hair and is more suitable for dry hair. When the hair is 70% to 80% dry, divide the hair into 1 to 3 cm wide hair locks, then curl it evenly into a hair curl, fix it with a hair clip, then spray on the styling product, and remove the hair curl when it is dry can.

4. Nursing solution containing almond oil ingredients For curled hair that is dried and split, the best way is to use high power nutrients for care. Hairdressing experts recommend the use of almond-containing essence to care for the hair, which can increase the strength of the hair and make the hair healthier and fuller. This is because the almond essence is more likely to penetrate into the damaged hair and repair it from the inside of the hair so that the curly hair can quickly return to health!

5. Curling hair without hurting the hair When using a hair dryer to blow curly hair, you should pay attention to blowing from the root of the hair towards the end of the hair, otherwise the scaly tissue of the epidermal layer of the hair will be overturned, causing the hair to suffer damage that could be avoided. In addition, the hair dryer must move along the direction of the comb, the hair can be shiny, bright, and not easy to shape.

6. Styling products that do more with less. When curly hair styling, most people will choose gel water. Using gel water will make the hair heavier and sag, suitable for hair with large amounts of hair. When applying gel water, gently rub from the tip of the hair, not from the root of the hair, it will straighten the hair and damage the curl. Generally, it is better when the hair is 70% to 80% dry. However, if your hair is relatively soft, it is more suitable to use mousse, hair wax or nutrient water, foam hair wax, and the like. Because the texture of the mousse is relatively light, it will not change the curl of the hair like gel water. When choosing gel water, please try to choose hand-painted products, use them more evenly, and increase their strength and elasticity.




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