Simple care of straight hair

Hair Care


Easy care

1. Wash your hair 2-3 times a week, or 2-3 days, depending on how dirty your hair is.

2. Be sure to use a suitable shampoo when shampooing. If your hair is a little dry, then use nourishing shampoo instead of dandruff and oil.

3. When shampooing, pay attention to the shampoo, especially the hair roots. Do not scratch your scalp with your fingernails when shampooing, where an itchy head can be rubbed gently with your fingertips.

4. After shampooing, be sure to use the conditioner that matches the shampoo, and use it every time after shampooing. However, the conditioner can only be rubbed on two-thirds of the hair, and must not be rubbed on the root of the hair, because scalp is easily generated if the scalp is not cleaned. It is best to leave the conditioner on the hair for a while before rinsing. Rinse is usually sufficient.

5. Press your hair with a dry towel after shampooing, do not rub, and then dry naturally. Try to avoid blowing hair, especially hot hair dryer to dry wet hair, because the hair moisture evaporates too quickly, it will make the hair dryer!

6. It is best to use a little leave-in conditioner

7. Comb your hair regularly and massage your scalp every day.

8. You can trim the hair tips every one or two months and trim off the split ends.

9. If you often go to the barber shop to do care, it is also possible to change the hair conditioner during the shampoo to baked ointment, but it is also good.

10. You can also use a little bit of vinegar, beer, rice water and other things to wash your hair, which is very good. Eating more black sesame is also good for hair!




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