Straight hair hairstyle example

Concept Of Hair Extension


Straight Hair of “Girl in Beauty”

Hairstyle: flicking the bangs above the eyebrows, slightly tidy, but just showing the girl’s unique innocence.

And naive. The short hair that hangs down to the ear shows the charm of dangling between movement and static and outlines the soft curves of cheeks and neck. Purple, green, and pink beating between the hairs, from deep to light, under the chase of light, it dazzled.

Hairstyle characteristics: From the side, the hair is roughly divided into three levels. Although the bangs part is deliberately thickened, it conveys the retro atmosphere of the 1960s that seems to be familiar, and it hangs on the second level below the ear. Extraordinary watery drape texture, and the third level of medium and long hair, there is a kind of free-flowing and free-flowing, the entire hairstyle is exquisite and changeable.

Multi-level short hair styling

Hairstyle features: large oblique hairline, forehead hair is deliberately emphasized forward, on the other side of the bangs, there is a super short broken hair carefully cut along the ear, reflecting the full layer on the top Become interesting. Because it is also dyed light purple ingeniously, the thin and medium-length hair is exceptionally draped and thick, thus showing the charming and straight hair charm with excellent texture. In short, the focus of this season’s straight hair is in a haircut style, while realizing the rich connotation of straight hair that is interpreted from different sides for short hair and long hair.




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