Straight hair stunning

The Difference Between Real Hair And Hair Extension


How to make one end shine brightly? It’s like trying to amaze a woman who is always facing the sky, it must be natural beauty. Straight hair style wants to be “natural beauty” stunning, there are only two ways:

1. Hair must be full of healthy luster;

2. You have to be very temperamental.

In this way, simple shapes like clear soup noodles can become vivid. Personal temperament can only be tempered by yourself, but everyone can have the right way to find a shiny hair. So where does the hair shine come from?

What is the most shiny? Diamonds, jewelry … mirrors! As long as it is a smooth and clean surface, the light will be reflected out, the smoother the more light reflected, the brighter. When have you seen a piece of frosted glass glowing? So you can touch your own hair, and the silky touch may not be very shiny, not to mention the dry, astringent hair.

Expert research found that healthy hair is shiny, and hair gloss is closely related to the hair scales on the surface of the hair. The hair epidermis is composed of layers of scales, as if the roof tiles are layered together, and the light will reflect on it. If the hair is healthy, the free edges of the hair scales tend to be pointed, like a small mirror with a smooth and uniform surface, so that the light produces “mirror reflection” on each hair strand to achieve the best reflection effect in optics and hair. So it showed a shiny luster. The reflected light meets the adjacent hairline and will be reflected again, so that the light is reflected back and forth.

The pathological scale of hair is damaged, and the surface is rough and uneven, as if it is frosted glass, the light will be scattered, and the hair will look dull and dull.




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