Straight hair style

How to maintain straight hair


Straight Hair Style

Straight hair, in fact, can also make a lot of changes and feel young and easy to take care of, this Chinese New Year will be a different straight hair.

1 Straight hair is “cut” to different lengths and has a strong sense of hierarchy. Mid-length hair covers both sides of cheeks and looks longer. This hairstyle needs thicker hair to show the layering.

2 Comb straight hair straightly, the visual effect is much more mature. A lot of hairspray is used for this hairstyle, so as to hold the hair firmly and avoid messy hair when the wind blows.

Both of these hairstyles are based on dark brown, and then dyed with at least 3 other colors, vaguely visible a little red and purple, the deeper colors make the hair look healthier and more.

In terms of makeup, it deepens the skin tone, emphasizes eyeshadow very much, uses black and purple as the main colors, and applies it effortlessly on the eyelids to create a very hazy smokey effect. Combined with a claret lipstick, it alleviates the “darkness” of the entire face, and the overall feeling is avant-garde.





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