The Difference Between Real Hair And Hair Extension

The Difference Between Real Hair And Hair Extension


Real hair is more authentic and supple, convenient for dyeing and ironing operations, and easy to wash and care, so it is more commonly used. The principle of “hair extension” is very simple, which is to “graft” the processed human hair onto the original hair. It is necessary to divide the hair into a number of small areas, and then lock them together one by one, which is a kind of “slow work and fine work” It can satisfy the appetite of young people who want to make short hair longer, thicker, and can achieve the effect of Depart Dyeing without baking color oil. But if your hair length is too short (standard size) ), Then you can try belt hair, belt hair compared to other types of hair extensions, the required hair length is shorter.

The type of hair extension is different, so the method of hair extension is also different. Some hair extension types must be completed by a professional hair stylist, while others only need to be operated by themselves, such as: clip hair and so on. Hair quality is divided into real hair and fiber silk, you can choose according to your preferences. Real hair can be permed, dyed and nourished, and easy to comb. The fiber yarn is colorful but not easy to comb. In order to make the connected hair and natural hair roots look harmonious, the hair wax used for bonding is divided into four types of black, purple, red and yellow according to the hair color of each person.

If your hair wants to change from short to long or from thin to thick, and you choose real hair, then the price is about 1,000 yuan to 2,500 yuan according to the length of the connection; if you just want to change your mood, you can connect it randomly Two locks of color hair, the price is about 250 yuan. If you choose fiber yarn, the price will be slightly lower.

If you are tired of long hair or colored hair, the hair stylist will take them down with professionally prepared potions. If you often use alkaline shampoo when washing your hair, the attached hair will naturally fall off.






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