What are the hairstyles

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The hairstyles

Hairstyle (hairstyle) hair shape is one of the traditional basis of ethnic classification. The length, color and hairstyle of the hair are all observable by the naked eye and are generally divided into 5 types, namely straight hair, wavy hair, curly hair, woolly curly hair and small spiral hair.

The hair of the yellow race is straight and not curly, long and thick, and the color is dark brown or black. For example, the Chinese and American Indians generally think that the Inuit (Eskimo) hair is the hardest. The hair of black people is dark brown or black wool curly hair and small spiral hair. The hair is short and thick, such as the Negro people in Africa, and the small spiral hair is Bushman and Hotton.

Unique to people. The hair of white races is often wavy and curly, ranging from grayish white (Scandinavian) through varying degrees of brown to black (Greek, Southern Italian), and occasionally red; in length, Wavy and curly hair are of medium length. The results of microscopic studies indicate that the differences observed in different hairstyles are related to the differences in features seen by the naked eye.

The cross-section of straight hair is round or almost round, and the medulla is usually present; the cross-section of the wool-like and small spiral-shaped hair is oval or kidney-shaped, with the medulla, and the medulla is densely melanin The particles are covered; the cross-section of the wavy and curly hair is oval, and the medulla is often present. Although the hair of Australian aborigines is wavy, the cross section is oval, like white races, but its hair is always dark brown or black, and thick, like black races and yellow races.




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