What are the straight hair styles

The Difference Between Real Hair And Hair Extension


Hair straightening

It belongs to the temporary straight hair method. Using the high-temperature combination of bristle straight hair comb and an electric hair dryer to change the roughness and curvature of hair, so as to achieve a fluffy and naturally straight hair effect.

Damage: As long as the hair tube is at a proper distance from the hair when blowing the hair, there is generally no harm to the hair.

Durability: Can be maintained throughout the day.

Ceramic hair straightener

Using a straight hair clip with a ceramic veneer, at a certain temperature, the hair can temporarily change the nature of the main body, creating a snug, bright, and Shunde effect.

Damage: Basically no damage to the hair, but it will cause damage to the scalp due to pulling.

Durability: It lasts for a whole day, but once the hair meets water, it is completely ineffective.

Natural care

Use the principle of naturally straight hair cream and the combination of the instrument to change the chain structure of the hair and reshape the combination to achieve the effect of being snug, shiny and smooth. The product’s repairing effect is very strong. After perming, you must go through a repair process to close the open hair scales, replenish the lost protein, and restructure the hair structure.

Injury degree: Straight hair method with nursing effect.

Durability: lasts 3-5 months.

Ion ironing

Ion straight hair has many names, but fundamentally, it uses ions to penetrate the hair surface through the far infrared rays and penetrate into the hair pith, thereby changing the structure of the hair scales, which makes the surface of the hair look more subtle and smooth. The most suitable for the use of ion straight hair are those who are born with curly hair, or the hair is particularly heavy, or the hair is not permed or the hair has not suffered serious damage, and for that damaged hair, even if the hair is straight not good too.

Damage degree: Because the ion straight hair is achieved by changing the structure of the hair, the hair must be damaged. In addition, bad potions and technician methods will further aggravate hair damage.

Durability: If the care is good, the straightening effect can generally be maintained for more than 6 months.




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