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The curling iron or curling iron is suitable for all curling techniques and can complete a variety of curls from large wavy curls to small black curls in the Caribbean.

Curling balls, curling strips, and curling tapes are suitable for disposable curls, which have little damage to the hair and generally have a short duration.

Curling stick: look at the length of your hair. Generally, it will be better if you use bold. The MM in the picture is 38, if the hair is shorter, you can use 25.

Clip: Normal and durable, the strength of the clip should be stronger. Clamp the hair.

Self-adhesive rolls: personally recommend the kind of velcro. In this way, the hair is not curled and not fixed on the shelf. Very convenient

Comb (brown hair comb and): The special material and shape of the brown hair comb can better protect the curl of the hair and strengthen the curl of the hair. However, ordinary wooden and plastic combs do not have the sense of space like brown hair combs, and cannot support the hair. Therefore, they are not full enough for curling or ironing.

The pointed tail of the pointed tail comb is more conducive to picking out the hair. Picking out in the middle of the hair will feel fuller on the top of the head.

  1. Curling iron: A curling iron is a styling tool that uses heat to curl hair. It comes in a variety of barrel sizes, which allows for different-sized curls.
  2. Hot rollers: Hot rollers are small rollers that are heated in a special machine and then wrapped around sections of hair. They are perfect for creating big, bouncy curls.
  3. Flexi rods: Flexi rods are small, flexible rods that can be wrapped around sections of hair to create curls. They are a great option for those with naturally curly or wavy hair.
  4. Spiral curling iron: Spiral curling irons have a spiral-shaped barrel that creates tight, spiral curls.
  5. Curling wand: A curling wand is a styling tool that creates loose, natural-looking curls. It does not have a clamp like a curling iron, and the hair is wrapped around the wand to create curls.
  6. Flat Iron: A flat iron can be used to curl the hair by clamping a section of hair and twisting it as you move the iron through the hair.
  7. Rollers: Rollers are small, cylindrical-shaped tools that can be used to create curls. They come in a variety of sizes and can be heated or unheated.
  8. Pin curls: Pin curls are curls created by rolling sections of hair around the fingers and securing them with bobby pins.

All these tools use heat to curl the hair, but the result and the way of using them can vary. It’s important to use heat protectants and to be aware of the heat level settings to prevent hair damage.



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