What kind of type of plucharm hair extensions?

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Most people get confused about the two types of hair extensions — Remy Hair and Virgin Hair. Actually, they have many differences which affect the quality and value of the hair.

1. What is remy hair?

Remy is the hair that tied into a ponytail ensuring that all the hairs are flowing in the same direction. Remy hair is cut and preserved in this state. The cuticles are not stripped and remain aligned in one direction.

We all know that the outer layer of hair contains hair cuticles.For different raw materials, factories will produce them with different processes, and the retention rate of cuticles is very different. On the premise of no knotting, the higher the cuticles content rate, the better the quality of hair products. So the longer the service life, and the closer to our original own hair quality.

Remy hair is not virgin hair. Now in the market most raw material come from China and India. Chinese hair performs best in bleaching and dyeing because of its thicker hair strand and better toughness, which comes from a single donor ensures consistency in texture. And Indian hair comes from donations from temples.

With the improvement of the quality of life, many girls now choose hair extensions. But in the meantime, the global hair extension market is mixed with good and bad quality hair extensions, which varies greatly, resulting in uneven purity of braiding hair. In addition, many girls have dyed and permed their hair, and high-quality raw materials are even more scarce. Therefore, there are different levels of screening for raw remy hair materials.

2. Virgin hair raw materials are more strictly screened, as hair that has never been chemically processed in any way, making the hair far more superior to Remy hair. Collected in the form of inverted haircuts to ensure the purity of the hair. During the collection process, be sure to handle with care to ensure that the head and tail are not upside down. After processing hair cuticles can reach about 90%, and the lifespan can reach 1 year or more.

Some eliminated out of braiding hair, a part is styled and others are gray, which are dry and strip. And these are raw remy hair, as the selection is not very strict, the price of raw materials is relatively cheap. In order to prevent the hair from knotting, they would be through heavy acid treatment, and the service life can reach 4-6 months. Also, it may last longer with good hair care.

What the feature of full cuticle hair extensions?

Our selection of raw materials and excellent processing technique keep it in the best state.The hair is long-lasting and soft, not easy to deform, not easy to frizz, and can be styled many times. At the same time, it can be washed many times, and the softer it is after washing, it is very close to the feeling of our own hair.   The glossiness of the hair strand, the purity before-after dyeing, and the smoothness of itself are all the best among raw hair materials. Because a lot of cuticles are retained, the hair is dyed by the factory, which can guarantee the matte color of the hair. It is very unnatural to make matte color for non-full-cuticles-hair. 3. Let’s show the advantages and disadvantages of different hair types.

Itemes Virgin hair Remy hair
Grade A++ A+
Raw Material Single donor braiding hair Normal braiding hair
Acid treatment NO Yes
Hair texture Platinum good
Hair cuticles rate Over 90% 60%-70%
Elastic fiber 100% 80%
Secondary dyeing  Yes Yes
Styled times Many times Many times
Washing times 60 40
Lifespan(hair bulk) Over 12 months 4-6months




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